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we accompany an individual or a family, so that they can make do in their daily life, are able to settle down here and eventually manage on their own.

This support is supposed to be longterm and suitable to individual needs and our own capacity.

Possible fields of activity:

  • spend time together, meals, walks, trips to museums, zoos, theme parks...
  • help with public authorities
  • visit to doctors
  • orientation in daily life (public transport, culture, shopping etc.)
  • learning the language, looking for language courses
  • contacts to playgroups, kindergarten, school
  • contacts to information centres
  • looking for hobbies, sports club
  • looking for a flat
  • looking for a job
  • procedure for granting the right of asylum
In all of this we don't do everything ourselves, but we organize support, for example from the other teams of the Refugee Initiative or from the Refugee Information Centre.

Every six to eight weeks the team meets to exchange experiences.

Team leader: Christina Appelt

If you, also as a refugee, have questions
or you are interested in volunteer work,
please give us a note:

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